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Twenty Years of Scribbling is a collection of articles, written over a period of years , with a common theme of motoring history. They reflect the career and interests.
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That remains to be seen. Apparently, this is going to be the summer of wide leg jumpsuits which fills me with horror. I wore those things when I was young and to this day, I have vivid memories of trying to get out of it in a tiny bathroom stall.

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Not my finest moment, which is why I left the jumpsuits on the racks and moved along, thinking I might find a dress in Paris. In the final analysis, was there a distinct advantage to using only carry-on? For me, yes. Travelling solo, my main concern was being able to schlep everything on my own because one cannot always count on the kindness of strangers to carry your bag up the stairs for you — and in Europe, there are always stairs. Although one nice gentleman did carry my rolling pack up to the plane in Reykjavik, where they still bus you out on the tarmac so you can climb yet another staircase to the door.

It was all very Air Force One, and I really wanted to stop and wave at the top, but I kept it classy and merely nodded. The other advantage to carry-on was not having to find the baggage carousels or watch one bag while waiting for another. Will I continue with carry-on for the entire trip? Probably not on the way home because, souvenirs. At some point, I know my souvenirs will outgrow my carry-on. Not surprisingly, the people who have come out in support of Mr. One man went to so far as to say that Mr. Men are stronger than women and an all-female baseball team will never beat an all-male team.

Fair enough. That being the case, would Mr.

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A team of able-bodied athletes will defeat a team in wheelchairs. In keeping with that theory, is anyone who takes offense to that statement merely being petty and thin-skinned? Or was the comment so utterly offensive that even the women in Mr. The very fact that none of those women were disappointed in the statement he made speaks directly to the problem of unconscious, systemic sexism. And the women who know him best understand that he was not trying to be a jerk.


It was dad being dad. His way of goading the boys into playing better. Come on, lighten up. But if the wheelchair comment is a step beyond dad being dad, a place where Mr. Or someone with mental disabilities as a retard. We have come a long way in understanding the power of language when it comes to disabilities.

Yet, the same understanding has not happened for women.

And the much worse, are you or on your period? Just like the wheelchair reference is demeaning. You were cringing as you read that, because I was cringing as I wrote it.

And try this instead:. But will anyone be offended for the pogo stick?

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In fact, I rather like the image of the Blue Jays on pogo sticks. Got an email alert from American Express. Some fool had my card number and was trying to use it for a telephone purchase in Toronto. The purchase was declined and the email instructed me to call and let them know if was legitimate or fraudulent.

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And the process of cancelling the old card and sending me a new one began. Easy-peesy, right? I wanted them to send it where I was. They gather information about you and make it available to institutions looking to issue you credit. This includes your credit history as well as basic information such as your name, current address and phone number.

They also keep historical information about past addresses going back more than 10 years. Question One. Which of the following credit cards do you currently hold? A, B, C or none of the above.

For me, the correct answer was C. Question Two. In which of the following towns or cities have you lived in the past ten years? For me, the correct answer was D. Question Three. Which of the following is a previous address. Again, for me, the correct answer was D. But I failed the test. She generated three questions again. Two of the same ones came up. Again, I failed. How was that possible? Yet, there it was on her screen. Now I had to wait 48 hours before 3 more questions would be generated. I tried speaking to supervisers, I tried to escalate the call because something was wrong, all to no avail.

There is no way around the questions and no way to speed up the process. So I waited 48 hours. Another nice young woman asked me three questions. Now I was pissed. Perhaps, she agreed. But I still had to wait another 48 hours to try again. She gave me a phone number for Trans Union. I called and sure enough, they had all of my personal information wrong.

Even my name was spelled incorrectly. The woman from Trans Union agreed that I could never have passed the American Express test with real answers. And it would take 30 days for the report to be updated for their clients.

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Her advice to me? Answer the questions incorrectly. She even told me which answers to give for the questions. I called Amex. The nice young man was very understanding but regardless of the Trans Union errors, I still had to wait 48 hours to try the test again. Unless I wanted to have the card sent to my home address instead.

They sent it by Express Post. The tracking information said it was successfully delivered, but not to my house. So I called Amex again. Since more than 48 hours had passed, I said I wanted to try the 3 questions again so the card could be sent to the address where I was instead of my house.

This time, I answered the questions with the incorrect information supplied by Trans Union and I passed the test. My card was sent again. I was told it would come by the US Postal System. No need to wait in. Of course, the card arrived by courier. Two weeks after the jerk in Toronto tried to buy plumbing parts with my old card, I finally had my new one.

The whole ordeal has left me shaking my head. Security is only as good as the information behind it. And you need to check with every credit reporting agency out there to make sure they have your correct information! The acronym has always intrigued me because the first thing I see when I look at it is No Write More, an interesting conundrum when the goal is to pound out roughly words a day, seven days a week for 30 consecutive days, but I digress.