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Submit Press Release. Press Release Pricing. Press Releases. However, Punxsutawney is home to another well-known shadow… Shadowbinders, that is.

Shadowbinders quietly appeared online in and since become one of the most popular fantasy comics on the internet. The story centers on an ordinary teenaged girl named Mia White, and a magic ring she inherits from her recently deceased grandfather. Back to Website FAQ.

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Post any theories you might have, or share one you might have discovered elsewhere. Stannis is building ships, Stannis is hiring sellswords, Stannis is bringing a shadowbinder from Asshai. Is any of it true? We've also seen her called a shadowbinder a couple of times. We know she makes shadowbabies. Shadowbinding sounds like a pretty good technical term for what we know as shadowbabymaking to me.


So is shadowbabymaking R'hllor's magic or is it shadowbinding magic? In other words, if Melisandre died, would we go to Quaithe for our shadowbaby needs, or to Thoros of Myr? Hard to say. Melisandre doesn't wear a lacquered mask like shadowbinders are reputed to do Quaithe does for sure , maybe she's not really a binder. But we have all these people calling her that, including Stannis' Maester, who ought to know. R'hllor is the god of shadows as well as fire; maybe shadowbinding is a form of R'hllorish magic that does not actually require an actual priestess to perform assuming Quaithe is not a red priestess?

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Or does the "shadow" in the name come from Asshai by the "Shadow" rather than from the shadows in the Red God's portfolio? Or do they refer to the same shadows? Bah, too much for one mere man to figure out. Tobho had learned to work Valyrian steel at the forges of Qohor as a boy. Only a man who knew the spells could take old weapons and forge them anew.

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Re: shadow babies not red god magic? They alone dare to go upriver past the walls of Asshai, into the heart of darkness.

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Arya wore a sort of mask when she was the Ugly Little Girl, but it wasn't apparent; that is pretty thin I know, but there are canon similarities between FM disguise magic and glamors: ADWD wrote: "Mummers change their faces with artifice, " the kindly man was saying, " and sorcerers use glamors, weaving light and shadow and desire to make illusions that trick the eye. These arts you shall learn So it may be she is not a Shadowbinder at all and that is just his generalization he has made due to his ignorance on the matter. It may be he read that Shadowbinders came from Asshai, and like the Dothraki seem to call Mirri Maz Duur a maegi who is also a shadowbinder this may just be a cultural misinterpretation.

Of course she does create a shadow later in the books so it is clear she has been taught the ways, but again as Mirri Maz demonstrates with her devotion to the Lamb God, shadowbinding does not require a religious belief to the lord of light to work, so it seems clear they are not part of the same faith. Tywin does not disclose his source in GOT so we can only guess how he is getting his information from a island which would not allow a Lannister to step upon its shores with his head.

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It is most likely a spy on the island, however they would have to be able to either come and go from the island without raising suspicion or send written word I don't think they have a Westeros Post Office though, so they could only send this word by bird which might raise suspicions and could be shot down. But who would know the inner workings of Stannis council? It is also important to note that Tywin says " Stannis is bringing a shadowbinder from Asshai".

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  5. She is not their when Tywin learns of it. The implication of this is that she has not been seen walking around the castle in some nice red slippers and dressing gown by a random Lannister spy posing a cock merchant if Stannis allowed them on his island. Hence this knowledge probably came from someone close ish to Stannis, who can possibly read and write, and is much higher on the social ladder than a cock merchant.

    There are few who I can think of who would do this, however we don't get a POV from anyone in Dragonstone in GOT so it is possible one of the characters who is loyal in the subsequent books wasn't so loyal during GOT I think it highly unlikely that Stannis' maester would betray him directly, however he could have sent out information innocently trying to warn Ned Stark, or other loyal houses, which has in-turn been relayed back to Tywin. That would explain why the descriptions are the same. We also learn in the prologue of aCoK that Cressen is willing to do what he feels is needed for Stannis, rather than what he wants, when he tries to kill Mel I have no answers to who might have been passing notes directly, and I think that maester Cressen sending word to Ned at Kings Landing is the most plausable, it is also quite poetic to add in an old war time saying at the end here "loose lips sink ships"