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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Don Ingram and Linda Drake are both natives of Andrews Andrews (Images of America) by [Ingram, Don, Drake, Linda].
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Boyd, an opera singer who won the third season of "America's Got Talent," died on June 10 after struggling with heart failure, kidney failure and liver disease.

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Stan Dragoti, an advertising designer and film director known for his movies "Mr. That may seem hard to fathom for anyone who has ever tuned in to the Food Network in the past two decades: Brown is the creator and host of Good Eats , and host and main commentator on Iron Chef America and Cutthroat Kitchen —and from there, his culinary-based curriculum vitae continues.

Images of America

Perhaps Ingram's initial ignorance in regard to Brown was due to her own level of success: In the restaurant, bar, and residential design industry, Ingram has been a highly sought-after designer for as long as Brown has been on television; last year she even released her own furniture line, which includes elegant stools, chairs, and sofas. Despite her revolving door of projects, Ingram found time to attend a signing Brown was holding for his book, EveryDayCook , in October of Decorations change, but great materials never do," says Brown.

The vintage light fixture was repurposed by Ingram, with similar styles on her website.

Brown gave Ingram his card, initially hoping to enlist her help in redoing the living area of his office. But soon, he had a bigger need for her services: the renovation and decoration of a corner-unit apartment in Marietta, Georgia, which Brown says he bought without knowing what the interior looked like. In a twist of fate, however, the purchase may be one of the best decisions he ever made. After emailing Ingram to let her know "there may be an upgrade in our working relationship: from a small apartment in an office to a big loft," the now-couple embarked on a seven-month renovation—and the start of an accidental courtship—that began in summer But the distance, when it was there, didn't defer a relationship from slowly blossoming between the pair.

Brown's ability to let Ingram forge ahead in the design process and the pair's aptitude to work collaboratively together also helped a romance burgeon between them. He trusted me as a professional and as a creative professional, which he also is. She brings her sensibility—whether it's a restaurant or a residence—and she really tries to make it about the person occupying that space.