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All he wants to do was host a simple show about evangelism. Instead, the Narrator is saddled with two assistants who not only steer the car toward the cliff, they.
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Surprisingly, people in our day and age haven't heard these things. Giving them these answers removes one stumbling point from them trusting their lives to the Lord. They don't know about the Massoretes or the Talmudim and how carefully both groups transcribed the pages of the Old Testament to ensure no errors crept in. They don't know that we have nearly 25, ancient manuscripts of the New Testament that enable us to reconstruct the original documents more reliably than the next ten or twenty ancient books put together.

What about other religions? Religious tolerance has become a cardinal virtue in our day. Common consensus is that all religions basically lead to the same place. They all espouse different gods, different paths to him, and different after-lives. When a person gets through looking at these together, their only conclusion is, "These are all so different, they could all be wrong, but only one of them could be right.

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Our world needs this information! And when we give it to them, hearts soften, because minds are opened. That God didn't author evil, doesn't like or approve of evil, and is working as lovingly and diligently as possible to restore us to the Paradise He created in the beginning is a good answer. Which is right: evolution or creation?

Western classrooms teach evolution with such security that it is hard for anyone to raise their hand with confidence and say, "Excuse me, there is a God who created all this! What if they could know for certain that the earth was created by an omnipotent being? That quantum mechanics and string theory point to dimensions outside ours, from which such a Creator could come? Imagine people understanding the impossibility of non-theistic evolution because of recent discoveries in microbiology? It's scientifically plausible, accurate, and trustworthy.

Helping neighbors to understand this empowers them to make an intellectually credible response to the God who is calling them to follow Him. What happens when I die? The fact that right now there is a temporary Heaven and Hades and that one day there will be an eternal Hell, and that believers will live not in an ethereal place called "Heaven," but in a physical place called "The New Earth.

Because of our desire for tolerance, we rarely grapple with the reality of the permanent torment of Hell; or that of all the Bible's teachers, it was Jesus who had the most to say about it. In theology class, eschatology was that last doctrine to be covered each semester.

If a professor ran short of time, his students rarely learned about life on the New Earth. Life in eternity needs to be preached, understood and shared with our neighbors! Passive agnosticism may be the largest religion of our day. Knowing about the incredible opportunities of Heaven and the unspeakable horrors of Hell is motivating and sobering and pushes people out of passive mode into making a decision. I hope you will join us.

Answering Tough Questions

Hal mentors pastors to lead healthy, growing churches. For the original article, visit pastormentor. Help Charisma stay strong for years to come as we report on life in the Spirit. Click here to keep us strong! But culture changes. The questions and objections people have change. What is important to them and our culture morph into something we need to work at understanding, because it is alien to us. At the Evangelism Conference you will get fresh ideas to consider and try in your local church..

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  • Spending time with others who share the same frustrations, challenges and joys is important. It helps us see that we are not struggling alone. It helps us share approaches to problems that we have found worked. It is always encouraging to hear the stories of people who have responded to the gospel. God is at work in our world. Evangelism is embracing our part in a work that God himself is doing. At the Evangelism Conference you will spend time with other believers who are engaged in the same mission with you.

    That got the conversation started off in a light-hearted manner, which was his aim. So a more directed conversation was not intrusive or offensive to the guy. It was sincere and winsome, nothing heavy handed about it. This is a light-hearted approach to injecting the possibility of God in to an everyday conversation and it has the effect of the velvet hammer.

    In a world without weekends a day of rest was something that only Jews practiced. It set them apart from all their pagan neighbors. Jews took Sabbath observance seriously to the point of death rather that defend themselves even against military attack. Let us die all in our innocency: heaven and earth will testify for us, that ye put us to death wrongfully. The Jews indeed once sat on their tails,—it being forsooth their Sabbath day,—and suffered their enemies to rear their scaling-ladders and make themselves masters of their walls, and so lay still until they were caught like so many trout in the drag-net of their own superstition.

    Goodwin, Ed. And from a contemporary historical nod to the significant of a 7-day week you can point out that the Russia and the French revolutions tried to stamp out the 7-day week to kill the Sabbath observance, they failed. In the Communist government decreed a five-day week in the place of the seven-day week, in order to break completely the observance of Sunday. This collapsed largely because the Sabbath of Reason came around much less often than the Sabbath of Christianity. I am sure that you have many different paths to broach.

    I was not aware that Plutarch recorded a time when a group of Jews did not fight on the Sabbath. That is a very sad story. They had been taught the letter rather than the heart of the law - at least on that point - with terrible, terrible consequences. Praise God that Jesus redeemed the Sabbath by healing a man on it and restoring grace and truth to a tradition. I also had never thought about rest during the week being exclusively rooted in the Judeo Christian worldview.

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    Very neat. What do you think? What do you desperately hope will last in your life? What do you feel must always be there? What do you really want out of life? What payoff are you seeking from the things you do? What is the return you are working for? Good questions to spark evangelistic conversations? Daily Evangelism. SeanO SeanO April 25, , pm 1. Looking forward to your responses. CarsonWeitnauer Carson Weitnauer April 26, , am 2.

    Why evangelism is hard (but necessary)

    One of the most effective approaches I have found is just to be curious about people. Conversation starters.

    Hi Sean Very interesting…I tend to be a bit random in my conversation starter approach, depending on the circumstances. But here are some which I like to lead into an evangelical conversation: What is the craziest, most outrageous thing you would like to achieve? Will technology save the human race or destroy it? If you could have a conversation with anyone in history or at present, who would you call?